Influence of Carbon Source on the Production of Extracellular Ligninolytic Enzymes by Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Fangfang Wang, Mingqiang Ai, Guihua Yang, Jiachuan Chen, Xiulan Chen, Feng Huang


The effect of altering the carbon source in the growing environment was investigated relative to the production of ligninolytic enzymes by Phanerochaete chrysosporium. Glucose, cellobiose, and cellulose (or mixtures thereof) were used as the carbon sources. Glucose oxidase and glyoxal oxidase activities in all carbon sources were produced during cultivation. High peak levels (0.17 to 0.24 IU/mL) of manganese peroxidase activity were observed only in mediums containing oligosaccharides. Lignin peroxidase activity was high in glucose medium (0.21 IU/mL of peak value); however, minimal amounts were formed in the cellulose medium (0.01 IU/mL of peak value). High amounts of cellobiose:quinone oxidoreductase (3.33-3.99 IU/mL of peak value) and cellobiose dehydrogenase (0.04-0.2 IU/mL of peak value) were measured when P. chrysosporium was grown on a medium containing cellulose. This work discovered that the mixture of glucose and cellulose as a carbon source favored high co-production of ligninolytic enzymes by P. chrysosporium.


Carbon source; Ligninolytic enzyme; Phanerochaete chrysosporium; Lignin degradation

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