Synthesis of Acid Hydrolysis Lignin-g-Poly-(Acrylic Acid) Hydrogel Superabsorbent Composites and Adsorption of Lead Ions

Yajie Sun, Yanli Ma, Guizhen Fang, Shujun Li, Yujie Fu


A series of acid hydrolysis lignin-g-poly-(acrylic acid) (AHL-g-PAA) composites was prepared by grafting acid hydrolysis lignin on the surface of the polyacrylic acid network. The results of structure analysis revealed that AHL-g-PAA had been grafted. The surface morphologies of the hydrogels were improved, as shown by scanning electron microscopy observation. The AHL-g-PAA hydrogel had high water absorption and it possessed sensitivity to external pH stimulus. This study also revealed that the adsorption capacity of AHL-g-PAA was 235 mg/g for Pb(II) ions. The adsorption kinetics data could be described by the pseudo-second-order model, and the adsorption isotherm agrees well with the Langmuir model.


Acid hydrolysis lignin; Lead adsorption; Polyacrylic acid; Biodegradable materials; Gels; Grafting; Copolymers; Crosslinking

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