Optimization of Aluminum/Silicon Compounds on Fire Resistance of Old Corrugated Container Fiber Foam Material

Lili Cai, Tingjie Chen, Wei Wang, Daobang Huang, Qihua Wei, Ming Lin, Yongqun Xie


Old corrugated container fiber foam material (OCCM) was prepared using a liquid frothing approach. The effect of the content of Al/Si compounds, the molar ratio of Al3+/SiO2, and different addition form on the limited oxygen index (LOI) and residue percentage of OCCM was optimized using an orthogonal design. The fire resistance of OCCM was best when the content of Al/Si compounds was 900 mL, the molar ratio of Al3+/SiO2 was 1:1, and the aluminum sulfate solution was added first, followed by the separately added sodium silicate solution. Under these conditions, the LOI and residue percentage of OCCM reached 32.3 and 53.51%, respectively. Thermogravimetric analysis indicated that Al/Si compounds promoted char formation and reduced the heat release of the optimized OCCMs during depolymerisation. Compared with the control group, the residue percentage of optimized OCCM was increased from 12.49% to 37.98%. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy identified the functional groups of Al/Si compounds in the optimized OCCMs, confirming that pyrolysis of the optimized OCCMs was affected by Al/Si compounds.


Aluminum sulfate; Sodium silicate; Fire resistance; Fiber foam material; Orthogonal design

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