Not Only Delicious: Papaya Bast Fibres in Biocomposites

Thea Lautenschläger, Andreas Kempe, Christoph Neinhuis, André Wagenführ, Sebastian Siwek


Previous studies have shown favourable properties for papaya bast fibres, with a Young's modulus of up to 10 GPa and a tensile strength of up to 100 MPa. Because the fibres remain as residues on papaya plantations across the tropics in large quantities, their use in the making of green composites would seem to be worthy of consideration. This study aims to show that such composites can have very suitable mechanical properties, comparable to or even better than the common wood plastic composites (WPCs), and as such, represent a promising raw material for composites and a low-cost alternative to wood.


Papaya bast fibres; Biocomposites; By-products; Biomechanical properties

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