Extraction and Characterization of Fibers from Palm Tree

Ichrak Tahri, Isabelle Ziegler-Devin, Julien Ruelle, César Segovia, Nicolas Brosse


The characterization of fibers extracted from leaflet, the empty fruit bunches, leaf sheath, and spath of palm tree was performed. The fibers were extracted using three different procedures through chemical and /or enzymatic methods. The raw fibers studied have xylose contents between 13-22% and glucose content between 30% and 45%. The microfibrillar angle (MFA) values are in the order: bunch > spath > leaf sheath >> leaflet. Spath and leaf sheath, which naturally occur in a woven form present poor mechanical strength but could be readily used to produce cheap composites. Leaflet fibers extracted from date palm tree exhibiting a low MFA (16°), a high cellulose content, and cellulose crystallinity present the highest ultimate tensile strengths (≈ 1250 N.mm-2).


Palm tree; Fibers; Crystallinity; Microfibrillar angle; Tensile strengths

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