Material Testing of Decorative Veneers and Different Approaches for Structural-Mechanical Modelling: Walnut Burl Wood and Multilaminar Wood Veneer

Andreas Dietzel, Hendrike Raßbach, Robert Krichenbauer


A methodology is presented for the determination of elastic material properties on laminated and non-laminated decorative veneers of a variety of wood types. For the uniaxial tensile tests performed, at various temperatures and wood moisture values, the metrological challenges as well as the test results are described and discussed. Subsequently, the characteristic values are transferred into corresponding material models. Also, as the inverse, model-based determination of characteristic values that cannot be determined experimentally is carried out.


Veneer; Nonwoven fabric; Composite; Young’s moduli; Local and global Poisson’s ratios; Tensile test; Out-of-plane deformation; 3D image correlation; Classic laminate theory (CLT); Coupling effects

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