Combustion and Thermal Characteristics of Korean Wood Species

Hyun Jeong Seo, Jung-Eun Park, Dong Won Son


This study examined the combustion and thermal characteristics of domestic wood species in Korea. Wood was tested using a cone calorimeter according to the KS F ISO 5660-1 (2003) standard. The combustion properties of the wood were measured in terms of the heat release rate (HRR), total heat released (THR), mass lose rate (MLR), and ignition time (time to ignition; TTI). An optical microscope was used to determine the anatomical characteristics of wood. Also, the thermal properties were measured using thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) to determine the thermal stability of wood. The results of this experiment could be useful for fundamentals of guiding the combustion properties and thermal stability when using wood for various applications.


Combustion properties; Domestic wood; Cone calorimeter; Heat release rate; Mass loss rate; Thermogravimetric analysis

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