Complete Dissolution of Ball-Milled Masson Pine Using an Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide Solvent

Yangsu Zhu, Lingfeng Yang, Wenjuan Wu, Zhiguo Wang, Yongcan Jin


An inorganic sodium hydroxide aqueous solution was developed for the dissolution of ball-milled softwood. Extractive-free Masson pine powder was prepared from the wood meal by planetary ball milling for various lengths of time. The effects of ball milling on the dissolution and regeneration of Masson pine powder were investigated. After 4 h of ball milling, the wood powder was completely dissolved in 6 wt% NaOH aqueous solution under vigorous magnetic stirring for 10 to 20 min at room temperature. The alkaline nitrobenzene oxidation products yield of 4 h ball-milled wood was very close to that of coarse wood meal without ball milling. Regeneration of the lignin fraction was easier than cellulose during the acid neutralization process, and the dialysis regeneration yield of total biomass was 91.1%. Therefore, the complete dissolution of the Masson pine in sodium hydroxide solution is of great potential for enhancing lignin isolation with a very little structural change.


Masson pine; Sodium hydroxide aqueous solution; Ball milling; Dissolution; Regeneration

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