Effect of Treatment Duration and Clamping on the Properties of Heat-Treated Okan Wood

Wahyu Hidayat, Yue Qi, Jae Hyuk Jang, Fauzi Febrianto, Seung Hwan Lee, Nam Hun Kim


Effects of treatment duration and clamping during heat treatment were evaluated relative to the color and physical and mechanical properties of okan wood. Sapwood and heartwood boards from okan wood were treated with and without clamping for 1 to 4 h at 180 °C. Changes in color were mostly due to a reduction in lightness (L*) and yellow/blue chromaticity (b*). These values decreased more for longer treatment durations. Red/green chromaticity (a*) was not affected by the treatment duration. Weight loss and volume shrinkage increased with increased treatment duration. Density only slightly decreased because of a balanced reduction in weight and volume. Clamping during treatment prevented surfaces from having direct contact with the heated air, which resulted in lower weight loss and volume shrinkage than in the samples treated without clamping. Heat-treated wood absorbed less water than the control group, as suggested by the lower equilibrium moisture content and water absorption. Furthermore, the heartwood absorbed less water than the sapwood. An evaluation of the mechanical properties showed a reduction in both the modulus of rupture and modulus of elasticity after heat treatment. Clamping minimized strength reduction in both sapwood and heartwood, particularly for 1 and 2 h heat treatments.


Heat treatment; Clamping; Color change; Okan wood (Cylicodiscus gabunensis (Taub.) Harms); Physical-mechanical properties; Treatment duration

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