Block Shear Strength and Delamination of Cross-Laminated Timber Fabricated with Japanese Larch

Yingchun Gong, Guofang Wu, Haiqing Ren


Process parameters of cross-laminated timber (CLT) fabricated with Japanese larch were evaluated. The process parameters were designed by using an orthogonal test including pressure, glue consumption, and adhesive. Both delamination and block shear tests were conducted on CLT in accordance with GB/T 26899 (2011). The results showed that the optimum process parameters were A2B3C2 including pressure (1.2 MPa), glue consumption (200 g/m2), and amount of adhesive (one-component polyurethane). The weight loss and moisture absorption increased when the temperature increased, but the block shear strength decreased as the temperature was raised from 20 °C to 230 °C.


Block shear strength; Delamination; Cross-laminated timber; Japanese larch; Heat treatment

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