Effects of Metal Salt Catalysts on Fluidized Bed Gasification Characteristics of Source-Collected Combustible Solid Waste

Yanji Li, Mengzhu Yu, Yuyang Fan, Rundong Li, Tianhua Yang, Yong Chi


Effects of metal salt catalysts and gasification temperature on the gasification characteristics of combustible solid waste were studied, based on the source-classified waste in a fluidized bed gasifier, to provide guidance for utilizing the source-classified waste effectively. The results showed that the gasification characteristics of combustible solid waste, such as paper and sawdust, improved noticeably after adding NaCl, K2CO3, or sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (LAS). Adding NaCl to sawdust increased the yield of CO and CH4, while the gasification was inhibited gradually with increasing addition. Adding NaCl promoted the generation of H2 in paper gasification. NaCl played a catalytic role only when it exceeded a certain value. Adding K2CO3 increased the yield of H2 noticeably in sawdust and paper gasification. The catalytic effect of K2CO3 on sawdust was better than that on paper. Similar results were obtained for LAS in producing H2 in gasification. The carbon conversion efficiency and the gasification efficiency were increased with additional LAS. Moreover, the catalytic effect of K2CO3 was superior to that of LAS by comparison. As the temperature rises, the activity of the metal salt catalyst is enhanced, but it is inhibited if the temperature is too high.


Metal salt; Catalyst; Combustible solid waste; Fluidized bed; Gasification

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