Experimental Design and Study of Micro-nano Wood Fiber Processed by Nanosecond Pulse Laser

Chunmei Yang, Xiaoliang Zhu, Nam-Hun Kim, Seung-Hwan Lee, Yue Qi, Yan Bai, Minghui Guo, Yan Ma


A new processing technology using a nanosecond pulse laser to process micro-nano wood fiber is proposed in this paper. A test bench was designed and manufactured for the technology. The digital design process, experimental methods, and general layout principle of the test bench are introduced. When the factors that affected the results of the experiment were analyzed, it was found that cutting width and cutting depth were affected by cutting direction, cutting speed, and cutting power. The wood underwent thermal degradation near the point of processing. The results of the experiment showed that the technology is feasible.


Nanosecond pulse laser; Micro-nano wood fiber; Test bench; Design and studies; Digital analysis

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