Adding Growth-Promoting Ingredients in Activated Sludge Process as a Troubleshooting Strategy for Pulp and Paper Mill Wastewater Treatment

Anlong Zhang, Jing Shen


The activated sludge process is a well-established technology in the secondary treatment of pulp and paper mill wastewater. Maintaining the activities of microorganisms and allowing them to thrive, metabolize, and grow robustly is essential for efficient biological reactions. To this end, a scientific formulation of growth-promoting ingredients (containing stimulants, buffers, micronutrients, etc) provides a useful strategy for addressing the impact of fluctuations in process conditions involved in the pulp and paper production. Lots of potential exists in terms of the use of these “smart” ingredients to meet stricter discharge limits.


Pulp and paper; Activated sludge process; growth-promoting ingredients; Microbial activities

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