Ethanol Production from Sugarcane Leaves by Kluyveromyces marxianus S1.17, a Genome-Shuffling Mediated Transformant

Rumpa Jutakanoke, Vasana Tolieng, Somboon Tanasupawat, Ancharida Akaracharanya


Kluyveromyces marxianus S1.17, obtained by electroporation-mediated genome shuffling between K. marxianus G2-16-1, a cellobiase-producing yeast, and Pichia stipitis JCM 10742T, gave a maximum ethanol production level (of 0.86 g/L) from the hydrolysate of dilute sulfuric acid treated sugarcane leaves when treated under aerobic conditions for 72 h, compared to the ethanol production level of 4.73 g/L from the acid-treated sugarcane leaves fermented by the simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process under oxygen-limited conditions. The total ethanol produced from sugarcane leaves by K. marxianus S1.17 was 5.59 g/L (0.10 g/g, dry weight).


Kluyveromyces marxianus; Ethanol; Sugarcane leaves; Genome modified

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