Analysis of Hydrolyzates Produced from Cellulose Catalyzed by Carbonaceous Solid Acid in an Ionic Liquid

Wanyu Liu, Wei Qi, Weizheng Zhou, Shuna Liu, Xucheng Zhang, Jinsong Zhou, Zhenhong Yuan, Xinshu Zhuang


The hydrolysis of cellulose using carbonaceous solid acid (CSA) in an ionic liquid was studied. The types and concentrations of products generated during the hydrolysis of the cellulose under different conditions, including temperature, reaction time, water addition, and recycle time, were investigated. The CSA prepared in the study contained 1.45 mmol/g of acidic groups, which was higher than the theoretical amount of sulfonic groups. The highest yields of total reducing sugars (TRS) and glucose were obtained at 5% water content, 6 h of reaction time, and 140 °C. The cellulose was hydrolyzed effectively via catalysis of CSA in [AMIM][Cl] with a low water content. Analysis of the products under different conditions in this work provides a strong basis for the full use of hydrolyzed cellulose.


Carbonaceous solid acid; Hydrolysis; Cellulose; Ionic liquid

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