The Properties and Application of an Ultrasonic-Assisted Wheat Straw Pulp having Enhanced Tendency for Ash Formation

Liyan Xing, Ming Xu, Junwen Pu


Ultrasonic-assisted pulping technology integrates pulping and bleaching processes in one reactor with good yields performance of approximately 60% to 70%. The properties of ultrasonic-assisted wheat straw pulp were compared, i.e., composition, strength, and whiteness, with those of other conventionally pulps. The ash content of ultrasonic wheat straw pulp (the content is 27.81%) was much higher than that of traditional wheat straw pulp (the content was approximately 15%). Upon comparison with the ash content of the raw material, X-ray diffraction analysis, and thermogravimetry, the authors believe that some heat-resistant material was produced during the ultrasonic pulping process. The strength and whiteness performance of ultrasonic wheat straw pulp was better than that of traditional wheat straw pulp and was close to that of reed soda-anthraquinone (soda-AQ) pulp. Offset paper was successfully made using ultrasonic wheat straw pulp.


Ultrasonic-assisted wheat straw pulp; High yield; Tensile strength; Heat-resistant

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