Preparation of Xylanase Loaded Biomass-based Deinking Agents and their Application in Secondary Fiber Recycling

Ming Zhang, Zhihan Li, Rendang Yang


Recently, biomass-based deinking agents have attracted considerable interest in the pulp and paper industry due to their clean, renewable, and good deinking properties. In this study, the xylanase loaded biomass-based deinking agent (XBD) was prepared with coconut oleic acid, palmitic acid, rosin, and xylanase. The preparation technology of XBD was optimized by an orthogonal test and range analysis. The effects of the moisture content, free alkali, and chelating agent on the enzyme activity of XBD were determined via a single factor experiments. Based on the analysis of the optical and physical properties, the optimum xylanase addition into the biomass-based deinking agent was 15 wt.%, the brightness of the secondary fiber after flotation was 60.2% ISO, and the effective residual ink concentration was 223 ppm.


Xylanase; Biomass; Deinking agent; Secondary fiber

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