Characteristics of a Protective Layer on Oil Heat-Treated Scots Pine and Fir Wood

Hacı İsmail Kesik, Osman Emre Özkan, Mustafa Öncel


Effects of natural weathering were studied relative to the adhesion strength, surface hardness, and color change of coated heat-treated and untreated Turkish fir and Scots pine wood. For this study, water-based coatings (varnish and paint) were applied on heat-treated samples. The coated heat-treated, and untreated samples were naturally weathered for one year. The difference between several properties such as adhesion strength, hardness, and color were measured before and after weathering. The test results showed that varnished heat-treated samples had good performance as compared to those of the untreated samples.


Coated heat-treated wood; Natural weathering; Adhesion strength

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