Improved Bleached Chemical Reed Pulp Properties Using Atmospheric High Consistency Refining

Yulong Wang, Chunxia Tang, Yanxin Liu, Yue Wang, Benping Lin, Hongwei Zhu, Chunjing Liu


The influence of atmospheric high consistency refining (AHCR) on the properties of bleached chemical reed pulp was investigated. Fiber quality, water retention value (WRV), dynamic drainage, and physical properties of handsheets were determined. The results showed that compared with low consistency refining (LCR), AHCR maintained reed pulp fiber length, had lower fines generation, produced more fiber curl and kink, and improved WRV and dynamic drainage. Compared with LCR pulp, the tear index, folding strength, and tensile energy absorption (TEA) of AHCR pulp were increased, while tensile index was maintained at the same value. A mill trial was performed to demonstrate the benefits of using AHCR, which was to improve machine runnability and to enhance the performance of the paper made from reed pulp.


Reed pulp; Atmospheric high consistency refining; Fiber quality; Dynamic drainage; Physical properties

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