The Possibility to Use Long Fibres from Fast Growing Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) for the Production of Boards for the Building and Furniture Industry

Radosław Mirski, Piotr Boruszewski, Adrian Trociński, Dorota Dziurka


This paper describes an attempt to use long fibres from fast growing hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) as a raw material for the production of boards for the building and furniture industry. Hemp fibre boards with densities of 300 to 1100 kg/m3 were studied. The board surfaces were finished using a one-cycle method in which birch veneers were pressed to make the boards. The pulp was glued with pMDI (9 wt.% based on dry weight). The basic mechanical and hydrophobic properties of the boards were tested. The static bending strength and modulus of elasticity of the boards with a density of about 650 kg/m3 were comparable to P2 furniture boards. Only the higher density boards had adequate properties that met standards for the building industry, which were comparable to those of OSB/3 and MFP boards. Hemp fibre boards were characterised by relatively good water resistance, which was manifested by low swelling and low soaking susceptibility.


Hemp; Fast growing raw material; Boards density; Mechanical properties

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