Investigation of Shear Strength of Engineered Wood Flooring Bonded with PUR by Response Surface Methodology

Huiyun Wang, Lingling Huang, Pingxiang Cao, Futang Ji, Guangming Yang, Xiaolei Guo, Rongrong Li


The effects of process parameters (adhesive spreading rate, pressing time, and applied pressure) on the response parameter (shear strength) of engineered wood flooring bonded with polyurethane (PUR) were studied by response surface methodology. A mathematical model was established to provide a satisfying prediction for the experimental results observed. The model indicated a high degree of fitting. The results also showed that the major factors were adhesive spreading rate and pressing time. The optimized parameters for highest shear strength of engineered wood flooring were 98 g/m2 adhesive spreading rate with pressing time of 24 s and applied pressure of 1.2 MPa, respectively, within certain ranges.


PUR; Shear strength; Engineered wood flooring; Response surface methodology

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