Composite Paper Sheet Containing TiO2-diatomite for Removing Phenol in Aqueous Solution

Jingzheng Weng, Renhui Qiu, Lihui Chen


Composite paper sheet containing titanium dioxide and diatomite (TiDI) was prepared via a papermaking technique. The composite sheet was applied to remove phenol from aqueous solution. The composite sheet with a 2:1 mass ratio of cellulosic-fiber to TiDI removed phenol more effectively under UV irradiation than the composite paper sheet that utilized titanium dioxide (TiO2) alone. Composite paper sheets that contained TiDI with a TiO2/diatomite mass ratio of 1:2 removed phenol most effectively. The results showed that the TiDI composite paper could serve as a functional material to photodegrade phenol from aqueous solution under UV irradiation effectively.


Titanium dioxide; Diatomite; Photodegradation; Phenol

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