Method for Limiting Waste in Wood Plastic Composite Post-Production by Means of Press Unit Control Parameters Utilizing Temperature-Related Dimensional Changes

Sami Matthews, Amir E. Toghyani, Harri Eskelinen, Lauri Luostarinen, Timo Kärki, Juha Varis


Wood plastic composites are an interesting development in composite materials. They have gained wide market interest recently because of their sustainable material sources and beneficial material properties. Because thermosets or thermoplastics are involved in the composites, the material is temperature-dependent and susceptible to considerable dimensional changes with the variation of temperature. To minimize waste generation and enable reheated material post-processing, the distortion and displacement of the composite material has to be controlled precisely in different temperature ranges. This article studies ways to control this displacement and proposes a solution with an odometer and polynomial curve fit.


WPC post-processing; Positioning; Stamping; Shrinkage

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