Novel Medium-density Fibreboard Produced by Ultrasonic-assisted Pulp with Superhydrophobic and Flame-Resistant Properties

Ming Xu, Qinqin Zhang, Liyan Xing, Junwen Pu


A novel medium-density fibreboard produced by an ultrasonic-assisted wheat straw pulp (UWP) was obtained without adhesives. It was then coated with a superhydrophobic sol solution integrated with an in vitro addition of two fire retardants (polyhedral methyl-silsesquioxane and ammonium polyphosphate) during the process of sol-gel reaction involving the two silane precursors tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) and tridecafluorooctyltriethoxysilane (FAS). The coated UWP medium-density fibreboard (UPB) had good strength properties and possessed excellent hydrophobicity (water contact angle (WCA) above 150°), and flame-resistant properties (limiting oxygen index (LOI) improved by 5% compared with the original sample with a LOI of 18%). Meanwhile, the fibreboard also exhibited outstanding anti-permeability towards water (kept constant WCA for more than 1 h).


Ultrasonic-assisted wheat straw pulp; Medium-density fibreboard; Superhydrophobic sol solution; Flame resistant; Acidic-corrosion resistant

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