Attitudes of Families with Children towards Eco-friendly Designed Furniture: Kayseri Sample

Tuğba Andac, Ahmet Güzel


Eco-friendly products have played an important role across all aspects of human life. A wide range of eco-friendly furniture is in use. One of the purposes of this study is to investigate the general perspectives of parents from different demographic origins in terms of eco-friendly design and their tendency towards eco-friendly furniture. Another purpose is to examine the source of consciousness that has led to purchase and use of eco-friendly furniture in terms of parental influence. The data collected in this study were obtained through a questionnaire conducted at an independent furniture store in Kayseri. The hypotheses employed during the research were subjected to ANOVA testing and evaluated graphically with descriptive statistical methods. As a result of the questionnaire, it was detected that parents have an awareness of ecology. They are inclined to prefer furniture that is not harmful for health and environment. Especially, parents with a higher level of income tend to have a higher level of inclination. According to the analyses, despite the existence of eco-friendly furniture in the market, they are not widely preferred by parents due to high prices.


Furniture; Eco-friendly; Parents; Behavior; Attitudes

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