Stress-strain Constitutive Relation of OSB under Axial Loading: An Experimental Investigation

Guo Chen, Bin He


The objective of this study was to establish the stress-strain empirical mode of oriented strand board (OSB) with random surfaces and oriented core 0° pattern (R/0°/R). The OSB specimens were loaded along the longitudinal (0°), diagonal (45°), and transverse (90°) directions of plates. The loading direction had a significant effect on the behavior of OSB. The OSB in compression exhibited high non-linear elastic behavior up to failure, while it expressed linear behavior when loaded in tension. Four types of failure modes under compression were included: end cracks between flakes, central cracks between flakes, diagonal shear failure, and surface folding. Most of the specimens in tension failed in tensile failure suddenly without plastic deformation. A refined empirical model was suggested and found to be in good agreement with the experimental data. The results provided useful information for modeling various structures containing OSB.


Oriented strand board; Failure modes; Mechanical behavior; Empirical model

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