Fabrication of Hydrophobic Coating on Filter Paper from Self-emulsifying Carnauba Wax-alcohol Emulsions with Nano-TiO2 Particles for Water/Diesel Separation

Yating Wang, Behai He, Lihong Zhao


Carnauba wax is a natural material with high hydrophobicity. In this study, molten carnauba wax was stably self-emulsified in ethanol without using additional emulsifiers. Hydrophobic titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles were dispersed into carnauba wax-ethanol emulsion to form a composite coating on filter paper. The results showed that immersion in the composite coating that contained wax and hydrophobic TiO2 conveyed to filter paper good hydrophobicity (water contact angle over 140°) and stability against acid or alkali solution. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images indicated the presence of micro bead/flake structures on the surface of filter paper. These obtained filter papers could effectively expel water from a water/diesel mixture. The water content in the water/diesel mixture decreased from 10% to 0.01% through the separation from the filter paper.


Carnauba wax; Nano TiO2; Hydrophobic; Water/oil separation

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