A Pronounced Improvement of the Kappa Number Reduction and Pulp Properties Associated with the Use of Extracellular Enzymes Secreted by Selected Fungal Strains

Sitompul Afrida, Toshihiro Watanabe, Yutaka Tamai


A combination of extracellular enzymes secreted by Irpex lacteus KB-1.1 and Lentinus tigrinus LP-7 showed promising results in the reduction of kappa number of Acacia oxygen-delignified kraft pulp (A-OKP) in previous studies. However, the observed Kappa number reduction was low, and the bleaching process required further optimization. In the current study, the A-OKP was treated with a combination of extracellular enzymes of I. lacteus and L. tigrinus, with a subsequent alkaline peroxide extraction, which significantly improved the Kappa number reduction. The maximum achieved Kappa number reduction was 26%. The effects of static incubation and sterilization of the extracellular enzymes on biobleaching process were evaluated. Compared with a static biobleaching, biobleaching with shaking shortened the required incubation time required from 3 to 1 d. The utility of extracellular enzymes was tested with and without sterilization; no significant differences in Kappa number reduction, brightness, and physical properties of the pulp were observed. The physical properties of all pulp samples were improved following the enzymatic treatment. Furthermore, a low-cost medium containing wood powder supplemented with rice bran and palm sugar (WRBP) was used for the production of enzymes for biobleaching of A-OKP.


Acacia kraft pulp; Biobleaching; Kappa number; Peroxide extraction

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