Evaluating the Factors Influencing the Friction Behavior of Paperboard during the Deep Drawing Process

Alexander Lenske, Tobias Müller, Lars Penter, Matti Schneider, Marek Hauptmann, Jens-Peter Majschak


Deep drawing of paperboard with rigid tools and immediate compression has only a small presence in the market for secondary packaging solutions due to a lack of understanding of the physical relations that occur during the forming process. As with other processes that deal with interactions between two solids in contact, the control of the factors that affect friction is important due to friction’s impact on runnability and process reliability. A new friction measurement device was developed to evaluate the factors influencing the friction behavior of paperboard such as under the specific conditions of the deep drawing process, which differ from the standard friction testing methods. The tribocharging of the contacting surfaces, generated during sliding friction, was determined to be a major influence on the dynamic coefficient of friction between paperboard and metal. The same effect could be examined during the deep drawing process. With increased contact temperature due to the heating of the tools, the coefficient of friction decreased significantly, but it remained constant after reaching a certain charging state after several repetitions. Consequently, to avoid ruptures of the wall during the forming process, tools that are in contact with the paperboard should be heated.


Friction behavior; Friction measurement; Paperboard; Tribocharging; Contact electrification; Triboelectrification; Deep drawing process; 3D-forming

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