Preparation and Characterization of Bamboo Strips Impregnation Treated by Silver-Loaded Thermo-Sensitive Nanogels

Huilong Yu, Chungui Du, Hongzhi Liu, Jinguang Wei, Zhongxi Zhou, Qiuli Huang, Xiaoling Yao


Silver-loaded thermo-sensitive nanogels (STSNGs), having a pH value of 6.8, were used as an anti-fungal agent at ambient temperature. To determine the optimal impregnation process, bamboo strips were infused with STSNG by air- and vacuum-pressurization. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), and X-ray diffraction were employed to characterize the properties and morphology of the resulting impregnated bamboo strips. The results showed that the loading dosage of bamboo strips increased with either prolonged impregnation treatment time, increasing hybrid nanogels concentration, or increasing the intensity of vacuum and pressure. Vacuum-pressurized impregnation remarkably improved the dosage of the hybrid nanogels in the bamboo strips. An increase in the loading dosage resulted in an increase in Ag content. The optimum parameters of impregnation treatment were as follows: 90 min impregnation treatment time, 0.90 wt.% concentration, and 0.5 MPa applied pressure. SEM observations revealed that the STSNGs were successfully saturated in bamboo cell cavities or covered on the cell walls. The results of the mildew proof test showed that the STSNGs had a good anti-mildew effect.


Bamboo strips; Thermo-sensitive; Silver-loaded hydrogels; Loading dosage; Impregnation process

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