Preparation of Biocompatible Hydrogel from Lignin-Carbohydrate Complex (LCC) as Cell Carriers

Houkuan Zhao, Qinghua Feng, Yimin Xie, Jinling Li, Xuekuan Chen


Two poplar lignin-carbohydrate complexes (LCCs), LCC-48 and LCC-72, were isolated at different milling times, 48 h and 72 h, respectively. A new hydrogel carrier was prepared from these LCCs in the presence of polyethylene glycol diglycidyl ether as the crosslinker for cell (human hepatocyte (L-02)) culture. The effects of the structure of LCC on the carrier were investigated. The FT-IR spectra indicate that the two LCC samples were composed of lignin and polysaccharide, and showed a typical LCC structure. The galactose contents of LCC-48 and LCC-72 were 3.02% and 5.67%, respectively. The results of cell culture show that a large number of hepatocytes adhered to the porous carriers. Hepatocytes grown on the LCC carriers outperformed the control group in every observed category, including cell proliferation rate and metabolic activity. These results indicate that poplar LCC might be a great potential precursor of biological carriers for human hepatocytes culture.


Lignin-carbohydrate complexes; Galactose; Hydrogel carrier; Hepatocytes; Biocompatibility

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