Effect of Dynamic Yield Strength of Circular Saw Blade on Laser Shock Tensioning Process

Bo Li, Zhankuan Zhang


A laser shock tensioning process is proposed in this work for circular saw blades. To explore the tensioning stress formation mechanism of the laser shock tensioning process, a theoretical model was built based on a finite element method utilizing reasonable simplifications and assumptions. By comparing theoretical analysis and the measured results, the theoretical model proved to be correct and the laser shock tensioning process proved feasible. The effect of the dynamic yield strength of the circular saw blades on the laser shock tensioning process was studied. Simulation results showed that the dynamic yield strength of the circular saw blades exhibited a strong effect on the overall tensioning. Circular saw blades with a higher dynamic yield strength can obtain greater room for improvement via the tensioning effect.


Finite element method; Circular saw blade; Tensioning; Stress; Laser shock

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