The Degumming Effect on Kenaf by Different Residence Times of Steam Explosion Treatment

Wei Jiang, Guangting Han, Yan Song, Xiao Zhang, Chengfeng Zhou, Yuanming Zhang, Yanzhi Xia


Steam explosion (STEX) is an effective method of degumming kenaf and separating kenaf fibers. The residence time has a strong effect on the STEX process, and its mechanism of degumming kenaf was studied in this paper. In this research, five different residence times were chosen to treat kenaf at 1 MPa STEX pressure. The morphological changes were recorded using an optical camera and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The chemical and physical properties of kenaf fiber were analyzed using wet chemistry analysis and a standard mechanical test. The cellulose content increased with increasing residence time. The breaking strength of kenaf fiber reached the highest level at 5 min residence time. It was also found that four different levels of kenaf fiber exist in the steam explosion process. This finding is very helpful for the degumming method development.


Kenaf; Fiber; Degumming; Steam explosion; Residence time

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