Property Improvement of Thin High-Density Fiberboard Panels Used as Door-Skins

Nicolae Badin, Mihaela Campean, Karoly Lengyel, Mihai Ispas, Bogdan Bedelean


Several potential approaches were evaluated to improve the physical and mechanical properties of 3 mm HDF panels used as door-skins. Six different composition recipes were applied by varying the ratio of hardwood-to-softwood fibers and the addition of bark. The density, surface absorption, bending strength, modulus of elasticity, and internal bond of the HDF panels manufactured on an industrial line were determined. The best performance was obtained for the recipe with 20% hardwood fibers, 80% softwood fibers, and less than 5% bark. The influence of spraying the fiber mattress before pressing, by means of water and two different release agents, was also tested. The obtained results are applicable at any HDF producer and can be used for process optimization.


High-density fibreboards; Density; Surface absorption; Bending strength; Modulus of elasticity; Internal bond; Composition recipe; Release agent; Process optimization

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