Internal Structural Imaging of Cultural Wooden Relics Based on Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography

Guiling Zhao, Zhaowen Qiu, Jun Shen, Zhongji Deng, Jinghua Gong, Dan Liu


An efficient method for the internal structural imaging of cultural wooden relics was explored through experimental techniques of three-dimensional (3-D) tomography and reconstruction. The techniques of filtering and segmentation were applied to the 3-D scanned data of wooden cultural relics.To obtain high resolution 3D data model, it was necessary to preprocess the raw data after CT scanning. Preprocessing included denoising, filtering, and segmentation. After completing these three steps, three-dimensional reconstruction experiments were carried out (including surface rendering and volume rendering). After the 3-D reconstruction, the wood internal properties were visually analyzed and used to create internal structural imaging of wooden artifacts. On the basis of volume rendering, wooden artifacts could be graphically divided at any angle and any position. The textures of local wooden relics were clearly revealed in the segmentation of the reconstruction pictures, and these were compared with the presented internal structural image testing of the wooden artifacts. This study showed that the proposed technology can successfully create internal structural images of wooden artifacts, as well as provide important data and models to support the renovation and recovery of the cultural wooden relics.


Three-dimensional cultural wooden relics segmentation; Computed tomography; Total variation; Three-dimensional reconstruction

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