Synthesizing Magnetic Support for Laccase Immobilization for the Purification of Pre-hydrolysis Liquor

Qiang Wang, Tianzhong Yuan, Shanshan Liu, Xin Fu, Guihua Yang, Jiachuan Chen, Wenhai Li, Rendang Yang, Lucian Lucia


Laccase immobilization is a promising method for the purification of pre-hydrolysis liquor (PHL) for large-scale applications based on recyclability and reusability. In this work, magnetic supports made of Fe3O4/SiO2 were synthesized by a sol-gel method and coated with silica. Then, glutaraldehyde was used as a linker between the support and laccase for immobilization. The immobilized laccase was evaluated by purifying the PHL from a kraft-based dissolving pulp production process. The results showed that the optimal immobilization conditions were a molar TEOS/Fe3O4 ratio of 0.6, glutaraldehyde concentration of 6%, laccase concentration of 0.4 mL/mg, and time of 3 h, which led to 71% laccase immobilization. The concentration of total sugar in the PHL increased from 71% to 75%, while the lignin content decreased from 15% to 10% after the immobilized laccase treatment. The separation advantage of the magnetic support enhanced the utility of the laccase.


Magnetic support; Laccase; Immobilization; Recovery

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