Hydrophobic Noncrystalline Porous Starch (NCPS): Dispersed Silver Nanoparticle Suspension as an Antibacterial Coating for Packaging Paper

Chao Dang, Yihui Yin, Ming Xu, Junwen Pu


Hydrophobic noncrystalline porous starch (NCPS) containing microporous and amorphous structures was prepared from native corn starch via heat treatment, solvent exchange, and alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) modification. Then, antibacterial packaging was produced by combining silver nanoparticles with the hydrophobic NCPS (hydrophobic NCPS/Ag) and employing this biobased coating as a layer on the base paper. The antibacterial activity, strength, and barrier properties of the hydrophobic NCPS/Ag-coated paper were measured. In addition, the fine porous surface of NCPS, the distribution of the silver nanoparticles in hydrophobic NCPS as well as the network structure of uncoated paper and coated paper were characterized by scanning electron microscopy. Meanwhile, the hydrophobicity of the corn starch, hydrophobic NCPS, uncoated paper, and coated paper were determined using water contact angles. The silver nanoparticles had a positive effect on the antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The air permeability, oil resistance, water vapor transmission rate, water absorption, whiteness, tensile strength, and burst strength improved compared to the uncoated paper.


Hydrophobic noncrystalline porous starch; Silver nanoparticles; Coating; Antibacterial packaging; Antibacterial property; Barrier property; Strength property

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