Optimization of the Hydrolysis Condition of Pretreated Corn Stover using Trichoderma viride Broth based on Orthogonal Design and Principal Component Analysis

Kunya Hu, Zhicai Zhang, Feng Wang, Yajuan Fan, Jinhua Li, Lu Liu, Jia Wang


A new strategy is described to optimize multiple closely related parameters that are involved in the degradation of lignocellulose. Exo-β-1,4-glucanase, endo-β-1,4-glucanase, and β-glucosidase contained in the broth of Trichoderma viride 3.3711 cultures were used as enzyme solution. Corn stover (CS) pretreated by a combination of H2O2 and lignin peroxidase was used as raw feedstock. A comprehensive hydrolysis index (CHI) of three enzymatic activities was constructed by principal component analysis (PCA). Corn stover (CS) was pretreated with a combination of H2O2 and lignin peroxidase. The accuracy of the CHI was demonstrated by a quadratic regression using the CHI as an independent variable and the yield of the total reducing sugar (Ytrs) as a dependent variable. The results showed that the CHI was closely post-correlated with Ytrs and could be used to optimize the fermentation medium components for T. viride cultures due to a highly significant correlation between CHI and Ytrs. Based on the CHI at 96 h, an optimal medium contained 0.6% fructose, 0.6% xylose, 0.3% bean pulp, 0.15% yeast extract, 0.12% KH2PO4, 0.004% CaCl2, 0.008% FeSO4, 0.006% ZnSO4, 0.012% glycine betaine, and 0.004% polyethylene glycol. The maximum actual Ytrs was very near to the theoretical Ytrs.


Comprehensive hydrolysis index; Principal component analysis; Orthogonal design; Cellulase; Quadratic regression

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