Mode II Fracture Toughness of Bamboo Scrimber with Compact Shear Specimen

Guofang Wu, Yong Zhong, Yingchun Gong, Haiqing Ren


The mode II fracture toughness of bamboo scrimber was evaluated. A compact shear specimen was chosen as the specimen, while the stress intensity factor KIIC was chosen as the index for the mode II fracture toughness. In total, 54 specimens containing two different grain modes and three different thicknesses were manufactured and subjected to static loading with specially designed loading clamps. The failure modes were observed, and the crack initiating loads were obtained. The stress intensity factor was calculated and analyzed. The failure of all specimens was due to brittleness and occurred instantaneously. Thus, the linear elastic fracture mechanics is applicable to the mode II fracture of bamboo scrimber. The stress intensity factor KIIC was 459.9 MPa·m1/2 for the F-L grain mode and 358.0 MPa·m1/2 for the S-L grain mode. There was no significant difference in the stress intensity factor KIIC of specimens where the thickness ranged from 10 mm to 30 mm; a specimen with a thickness of 10 mm can be used to determine the fracture toughness of the bamboo scrimber.


Fracture toughness; Stress intensity factor; Compact shear specimen; Bamboo scrimber

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