Nanostarch Surface Coating of Lightweight Coated Paper

Qijie Chen, Xufang Dong, Liling Zhou, Xueming Zheng, Jianhui Wang, Ping Wang


Nanostarch has a small particle size and large surface area compared with traditional modified starch. In this study, nanostarch was prepared by dual screw extrusion and was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), scanning electron microscope (SEM), and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The nanostarch was studied as a coating adhesive in surface coating of lightweight coated paper. The crystallinity of nanostarch granules was decreased by dual screw extrusion, and its average particle size was about 100 nm. The results showed that for the paper coating formula of styrene butadiene latex and an ordinary oxidized coating starch ratio of 9:5, all ordinary oxidized coating starch and part of the styrene butadiene latex can be replaced by nanostarch. When 5 parts of ordinary oxidized coating starch and 4 parts of styrene butadiene latex were replaced by 6.5 parts nanostarch, the water retention property of nanostarch coating was increased by 64.0%, and its viscosity was decreased by 11.0%. The IGT printing surface strength of lightweight coated paper by the nanostarch coating was increased by 11.6%, and the glossiness of coated paper was increased by 7.2%. These results show that nanostarch surface coatings have good prospects for application in papermaking.


Nanostarch; Double screw extrusion; Coating; Lightweight coated paper; Styrene butadiene latex

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