ZnCl2 Pretreatment of Bamboo Chips to Produce Chemi-thermomechanical Pulp: Saving Refining Energy and Improving Pulp Properties

Zhijun Hu, Brian Musikavanhu, Jing Li, Jiang Li, Zhibin He


The pretreatment of biomass materials is critical for improvement of the overall production process and product quality. In this work, a dilute zinc chloride (ZnCl2) solution was used to pretreat bamboo chips, followed by defiberization (mechanical pulping). Compared to the results from the traditional chemi-thermomechanical pulping process, the results from this study showed that the refining energy consumption of the modified process was lowered 27%, and the tensile and burst index of the resultant pulp increased 22% and 82%, respectively. The morphological changes on the fiber surface, functional groups, and crystallinity of resultant pulps due to the ZnCl2 treatment were also analyzed.


Biomass refinery; ZnCl2; Pretreatment; Swelling; BCTMP; Refining energy; Fiber properties

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