Effect of Sulfonation Treatment Concentration on the Properties of Mulberry Chemi-mechanical Pulp

Lianxin Luo, Guangxing Li, Ye Jin, Yi Liu, Kelei Zhang, Shuangfei Wang


Sulfonation chemimechanical pulping (SCMP) of mulberry stalk was studied with different treatment concentrations. The resulting mulberry SCMP pulp contained different content of sulfonic acid groups depending on the concentrations. The brightness, tensile index, and folding resistance of mulberry SCMP pulp increased with the increasing concentration of sulfonation treatment, but the thickness decreased with increasing concentration. There was either a linear or a non-linear relationship between the content of sulfonic groups and the pulp physical properties. The mass average length of mulberry SCMP pulp was 0.66 mm, the fiber width was 16.4 μm, and the content of fine fibers was 20.6%.The mulberry extract and lignin dissolved, and part of soluble lignin may have been deposited on fiber surface in the process of SCMP pretreatment. There were almost no changes to the cellulose crystalline structure.


Mulberry SCMP pulp; Sulfonic group; Papermaking performance

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