Bamboo-derived Magnetic Carbonaceous Solid Acid Catalyst for the Conversion of Corncob into Furfural Promoted by Warm Water Immersion

Huiling Li, Yuqi Wang, Yikui Zhu, Xujian Xu, Aimin Wu, Xiaomei Deng


In this study, a bamboo-derived magnetic carbonaceous solid acid catalyst (BC@Fe3O4@SO3H) was synthesized by FeCl3 impregnation, which was followed by incomplete carbonization and -SO3H group functionalization. FT-IR, XRD, and TGA results showed that the prepared catalyst contained -SO3H, -COOH, and phenolic -OH groups. It exhibited poor adsorption ability for the dominating sugars released during the catalytic conversion process. The prepared bamboo-derived magnetic carbonaceous solid acid presented high catalytic activity for depolymerization and conversion of corncob hemicellulose. Warm water immersion under 60 °C was able to destroy the complex corncob cell wall structure and accelerated the dissolution of carbohydrates. The highest furfural yield of 54.1 mg/g was obtained from 40 °C water-immersed corncob after reacting at 180 °C for 30 min. Up to 96.1% of the corncob hemicellulosic backbone sugars were depolymerized to monosaccharides and oligosaccharides in the hydrolysates. The prepared catalyst exhibited a simple magnetic recovery process and high stability. This work provides promising strategies for biomass utilization via renewable materials.


Bamboo; Magnetic carbonaceous solid acid; Warm water immersion; Hemicelluloses; Furfural

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