Enzymatic Saccharification of Eucalyptus Chips with a Pretreatment Process Using NH4Cl

Dan Huo, Dongsheng Wang, Qiulin Yang, Chuanling Si, Qiujuan Liu, Bin Li, Fengshan Zhang


NH4Cl was used to optimize the pretreatment conditions for biomass pretreatment to improve enzymatic saccharification and hemicellulose degradation of eucalyptus chips. After pretreatment, the solid substrate (SS) and pretreatment liquor (PL) were characterized, and the SS was enzymatically hydrolyzed to detect the conversion yield of cellulose (CYC). For the pretreatment using NH4Cl, the removal rate of hemicellulose reached up to 100% in some cases, but a great proportion of cellulose remained in the SS. The optimized conditions for pretreatment using NH4Cl were 0.3 M NH4Cl at 200 °C for 25 min. A comprehensive evaluation found that the most suitable severity parameter for pretreatment and enzymatic saccharification was 4.5, although a higher severity parameter could increase the CYC. XRD and FTIR analysis showed that the pretreatment had little influence on the cellulose crystalline region, and the lignin was well-retained in the pretreatment process.


Pretreatment; NH4Cl; Hemicellulose; Enzymatic saccharification

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