Gene Cloning and Functional Characterization of Three 1-Deoxy-D-Xylulose 5-Phosphate Synthases in Simao Pine

Yi Wang, Xiaolong Yuan, Siguang Li, Wei Chen, Jiang Li


Pine oleoresin is an important industrial resource, used widely in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and insecticides. To reveal the function of 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate synthase (DXS) in oleoresin biosynthesis in Simao pine, three complete cDNAs of DXS genes were obtained, of lengths 2223 bp (PkDXS1), 2217 bp (PkDXS2), and 2142 bp (PkDXS3). Phylogenetic analysis showed that PkDXS1 belonged to DXS type 1, and both PkDXS2 and PkDXS3 belonged to DXS type 2. Functional complementation experiments indicated that the three PkDXS genes had DXS protein function. Real-time PCR detection showed that physical wounding slightly influenced the gene expression of PkDXS1 and strongly influenced the gene expression of PkDXS2 and PkDXS3. The gene expressions of PkDXS3 in high-oleoresin-yield individuals were higher than their gene expressions in low-oleoresin-yield individuals. This result implied that the gene expressions of DXS regulated the oleoresin yields in different individuals of Simao pine. These results will provide information to help reveal the mechanisms of high-oleoresin-yield of Simao pine in the future.


P. kesiya var. langbianensis; DXS; Oleoresin; Gene expression; Gene function confirmation

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