Combustion Characteristics of Cattle Manure and Pulverized Coal Co-firing under Oxy-Fuel Atmosphere in Non-Isothermal and Isothermal Conditions

Yao Zhu, Baojun Yi, Qiaoxia Yuan, Hongliang Cao, Shuiping Yan


Combustion characteristics of cattle manure (CM) and pulverized coal blends under oxy-fuel atmosphere were considered. Factors such as the furnace temperature, O2 concentration, and blending ratio were analyzed. The experiment under non-isothermal and isothermal conditions were used to study effects of the heating rate. Blended CM can improve the combustion characteristics of pulverized coal. However, a difference exists between the increase of the blending ratio of CM with Shanxi bituminous coal (SX) and Xiaolongtan lignite coal (XLT) under various O2 concentration conditions. More attention should be paid to the blending ratio > 50%. CM and coal co-firing affected by the furnace temperature had a close association with its characteristics. Inhibition was found in most conditions, and the trend of interaction between CM and coal under the non-isothermal and isothermal condition was consistent. These experiments provided information for the utilization of livestock and poultry manure and pulverized coal blends in the oxy-fuel atmosphere.


Cattle manure; Combustion characteristic; Coal/biomass co-firing; Isothermal condition; Oxy-fuel

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