Cushion Stiffness of Upholstered Wooden Seat Foundations When Subjected to Human Sitting Forces

Min Li, Xiaoling Zhou, Zhihui Wu, Jilei Zhang


The effects of the tensile elastic properties of fabrics used as cushion covers, foam thicknesses of cushion cores, seat bases as the support of an upholstered wooden furniture seat foundation, and sitting areas of subjects were studied relative to the load-deformation behavior of cushions situated on wooden seat base frames when subjected to human sitting forces. The experimental results indicated that the sitting area of a subject, fabric tensile elastic constant, and foam thickness had significant effects on the cushion stiffness, but the seat base type did not. The sitting area of a subject had the greatest effect on the cushion stiffness constants, followed by the fabric tensile elastic constant and foam thickness. A regression technique was proposed to derive a power equation for the estimation of the cushion stiffness using the parameters investigated in this study.


Fabric tensile elastic property; Cushion compressive stiffness; Sitting forces; Upholstered wooden seat foundation; Sitting area

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