Physical, Mechanical, and Erosion Characterization of Palm Leaf Stalk Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites Filled with Palm Leaf Stem Stalk (PLSS) Powder

Jnanaranjan Kar, Arun Kumar Rout, Alekha Kumar Sutar


Palm-epoxy hybrid composites were fabricated by incorporating palm leaf stem stalk (PLSS) powder at levels of 0 wt%, 5 wt%, 10 wt%, and 15 wt%. Physical, mechanical, and erosion characteristics of these composites were investigated. Incorporation of filler powder had a positive effect on the hardness and impact strength and a negative effect on the tensile and flexural strength of the composites. The erosion test varied the impact angle (45° to 90°), impact velocity (40 m/s to 80 m/s), and erodent particle size (40 μm to 100 μm). The erosion experiments were statistically designed using Taguchi’s orthogonal arrays. It was found that the erosion rate of palm-epoxy composites decreased with increasing filler powder content, and that the composite filled with 15 wt% PLSS had the highest erosion resistance. The surface morphology of the eroded samples were examined using scanning electron microscopy.


Palm leaf stem stalk fiber; PLSS powder; Erosion wear; Mechanical properties

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