Synthesis and Properties of Collagen Surface-sizing Agent Modified by Epoxy Compound

Xuechuan Wang, Ke Chen, Wei Li, Keke Xue


Three modified surface-sizing agents (SA) for paper were synthesized by the cross-linking of collagen with either glycol diglycidyl ether (GDE), tetrahydrophthalate diglycidyl ester (TDE), or triglycidyl p-aminophenol (TP) and then grafting with butyl acrylate (BA). The performance and application of the sizing agent emulsions were characterized and tested. The GDE-SA had the highest viscosity. The GDE-SA coated corrugated paper had the best water resistance, smoothness, and physical and mechanical properties.


Collagen; Sizing agent; Epoxy compound; Cross-linking agent; Corrugated paper; Water resistance

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