Preparation and Characterization of Combed Sawmill Slab Residues from Chinese Fir and its Scrimber

Chungui Du, Xiaoling Yao, Yating Hua, Qiuli Huang


To effectively utilize sawmill slab residues, self-manufactured combing equipment was used to transform residues into individual bundle sticks. The scrimber was prepared from Chinese fir by hot pressing the resulting bundle sticks. In this study, the combing process and effects of density on the mechanical and physical properties of the scrimber were investigated. The morphology of the scrimber was tested with computed tomography. The results showed that a rotary speed of 120 rpm for the coarse roller and a rotary speed of 360 rpm for the fine roller combed along the grain were the optimum combing parameters to prepare a uniform individual bundle of sticks. The moisture content of the feeding sawmill residues was above 30%. The scrimber prepared via bundle sticks is a new type of structural scrimber, and the density of the scrimber influenced the physical and mechanical properties. As the scrimber density increased, the modulus of rupture, modulus of elasticity, and internal bond gradually increased, while the 24-h thickness swell decreased. The studied method enhanced the density and improved the physical and mechanical properties. The striped structural characteristic of the scrimber was evident, and the density distribution varied for different faults.


Sawmill slab residues; Chinese fir; Combing processing; Wood bundle sticks; Scrimber; Properties; Computed tomography (CT)

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